Daily Food Quiz #1

Why should I eat this meal? Let’s start with pretty, as with our model in the photo, we are drawn to beauty. We instinctively choose brightly colored food because it indicates ripeness and freshness. We know we should eat fruits and vegetables, but I think it’s important to think about why. Conscious eating requires notContinue reading “Daily Food Quiz #1”

Our visit to Dingle, County Kerry

The town of Dingle was added to our itinerary after seeing a travel video where they walked down Gray’s Lane and into a bakery and a cheese shop. We were given a route by our host at The Lodge in Kenmare through the Ring of Kerry so we could see the view from Molls GapContinue reading “Our visit to Dingle, County Kerry”

A Stroll Around Safety Harbor

After dropping off a friend at Tampa International, we decided to avoid the traffic at 5pm on the Howard Franklin Bridge and took another way home, stopping in Safety Harbor for a delightful evening. Our destination was Southern Kitchen on 3rd Avenue N, which features, you guessed it, fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes andContinue reading “A Stroll Around Safety Harbor”

Snippets of the Ring of Kerry

We had a list of places we wanted to visit and we hit them all by 2pm, making it possible to add an item to our itinerary suggested by our host Rosemarie at the Lodges of Kenmare. We started with a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and a scone at The Rookery. From thereContinue reading “Snippets of the Ring of Kerry”

All who wander are not lost (mostly)

We’ve seen a lot of charming public houses in Ireland, but we always seem to end up in a tea room. After a long morning of wandering in the Irish countryside, we stopped in historic Carrick-on-Shannon for refreshment. We walked up Bridge St. past a pub, which had mouthwatering savory aromas, and crossed the streetContinue reading “All who wander are not lost (mostly)”

Day Three on the Wild Atlantic Way

Today’s adventure is a day trip to Doolin to see the Cliffs of Moher via the Doolin Ferry. Our tour guide Tony provided a short history of the cliffs and pointed out the varieties of seabirds diving for fish in the churning Atlantic. Nancy is prone to motion sickness and the ferry rocks like aContinue reading “Day Three on the Wild Atlantic Way”

Final chapter of the Collard Greens saga: Caldo Gallego

When I posted my abundance of collard greens, a friend suggested I make Caldo Gallego, a hearty Cuban soup. We had already invited the after church lunch bunch for black beans and rice with collards so I made a quick run to the grocery Sunday morning for Chorizo sausage. I checked a recipe online forContinue reading “Final chapter of the Collard Greens saga: Caldo Gallego”

Tampa Bay Collard Greens Festival

The necessity of cooking collard greens on a Saturday night was precipitated by a visit to the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival. We saw people walking with large green bags and found our way to the Publix stand with stacks of boxes of super fresh greens. We were surprised to be gifted with two largeContinue reading “Tampa Bay Collard Greens Festival”

How to cook collard greens Brazilian style

I didn’t care much for collard greens until my friend Marilia showed me how she cooks them. First you must wash them thoroughly and dry each leaf. Then you cut out the stem to about halfway up the leaf. Stack the leaves and roll from the bottom into a tight bundle. Slice into ribbons. ToContinue reading “How to cook collard greens Brazilian style”

Shaklee Protein Shake Chocolate cake

Found an excellent way to make a sugar free, dairy free, gluten free chocolate cake. We had extra chocolate shake after our demo at the Unity of Gulfport Expo. Since I am an experimenter, I decided to try my hand at making a cake, using the shake as the liquid. And after a second try-Continue reading “Shaklee Protein Shake Chocolate cake”