Daily Food Quiz #1

Why should I eat this?

Why should I eat this meal?

  • a. It’s pretty.
  • b. It’s nutritious.
  • c. It has the right acid/alkaline balance.
  • Answer: All of the above!

Let’s start with pretty, as with our model in the photo, we are drawn to beauty. We instinctively choose brightly colored food because it indicates ripeness and freshness. We know we should eat fruits and vegetables, but I think it’s important to think about why. Conscious eating requires not only attention but also intention. If we notice how attractive our food is, how delicious it tastes and give thanks for each mouthful, we will enjoy it more. If we recognize the health benefits of each element on our plate, we can increase those benefits by appreciating and affirming them as we are eating.

For example, raspberries are pretty in a salad and add a tart sweet taste. They also have a significant amount of Vitamin C, which is necessary for collagen production. Collagen is the protein that makes up 75% of our skin and helps to repair and prevent damage. Raspberries also contain potassium which helps maintain blood pressure and manganese which helps to regulate blood sugar. What if we consciously affirm these benefits while we are eating and give thanks for our improved skin and optimal blood pressure?

Another factor in getting the most value from your food is the acid/alkaline balance. If you consistently eat a diet of 75% fruits and vegetables, you protect your body from a number of chronic diseases caused by acidity and inflammation. Inflammation underlies a number of serious issues and is a trigger for premature aging.

We will explore these topics in more depth in this series, but here are the 3 points I’d like you to consider:

  • Eat as many fresh and raw fruits and vegetables as you can, ideally 75% of your daily intake. If you can’t get what you want local and in season, it’s better to buy it frozen rather that imported from a long distance.
  • Pay attention to what you are eating and express gratitude for your abundance
  • Affirm the specific health benefits of at least 3 items on your plate

For this meal we can also affirm the health benefits of spinach and lentils.

  • Spinach: Spinach is a great source of zeaxanthin and carotenoids that flush free radicals from your body, reduce inflammation and support eye health.
  • Lentils: Good source of dietary fiber that reduces cholesterol and protects against diabetes and colon cancer. Also have a significant amount of potassium which counters the bad affects of salt and lowers blood pressure. And of course, they provide a good quality plant protein. For a good lentil soup, jump to Recipes:

The more you are aware of how each food affects your body, the more you will balance your diet to achieve your particular health goals. It’s not enough to hear that fruits and vegetables are good for you, you must internalize their benefits by affirming them with gratitude. Conscious or mindful eating also helps with digestion so that you get more actual nutrition from your food.

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