All who wander are not lost (mostly)

Bridge St. In Carrick-on-Shannon

We’ve seen a lot of charming public houses in Ireland, but we always seem to end up in a tea room. After a long morning of wandering in the Irish countryside, we stopped in historic Carrick-on-Shannon for refreshment. We walked up Bridge St. past a pub, which had mouthwatering savory aromas, and crossed the street to get to Tegi’s Tea House. We felt immediately at home with the tufted velvet chairs and floral wallpaper. The display cases were filled with sweet delights as well as fresh salad ingredients and savory croissants. We ordered roasted vegetable soup, a ham and cheese croissant and a salad bowl.

Tegi behind her stunning display case

For dessert, we had bread pudding with custard and cream and a coffee Swiss roll. The cream in Ireland is magical and has no ill effects on the body. Same with the butter and cheese.

A gentleman at the next table kindly pointed out that the Earl Grey was better without milk. We chatted about our travels so far and he asked if we had read a little Yeats at Glen-Car Falls. I proudly replied that I had indeed read Stolen Child aloud to Nancy before we set out. He shared some additional insight into Irish history and culture, thank you Nile from Sligo.

See pictures below of our stop at St. Columba’s Church in Drumcliffe to pay respects to W.B. Yeats.

Simple farewell to a legendary poet
Bluebonnets near a gravestone at St. Columba’s
Sheep meadow on the walk to Glen-Car Falls.
Glen-Car Falls, just East of Sligo
Last tea party of the day

We wrapped up the day with a tea party in our room. Locally made brie , Carr’s cream crackers, impossibly crisp Pink Lady apples and pears, Java Republic Morning Dew green tea.

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