Handed down Down from the bench Down to the chattel Down to the Property of the State Overturned Your intimate struggle Your choice Between conscience and necessity Your personal trial deemed public crime if you do not deliver Property to the state Hypocritic Theo-garchy Hyster-optomy Dominion-opoly Autonomy yet barred Are you the court’s jurisdiction AndContinue reading “Ruling”

The Case of the Disappearing Lake

April 22, 2022:  Day 4. Kinvarra-Cloonnasee: Burren Nature Sanctuary An early spring has arrived in Ireland.  Wildflowers carpet the meadows and paths, apple blossoms emerge, animals make tunnels through winter’s dry grasses and turloughs have appeared over the winter months.  A turlough (turloch or turlach in Irish), is an intermittent temporary seasonal water body, almost virtuallyContinue reading “The Case of the Disappearing Lake”

Where Has the Civility Gone?

I have had countless conversations with people over the last few years about this very subject. I have witnessed and experienced in my own life, the severing of ties of friendship over ideology, especially since the opening of Pandora’s box called Trumpism. While Donald Trump has been the catalyst for fully opening the doors andContinue reading “Where Has the Civility Gone?”

From the Couch: A Different Kind of Travel

What’s ‘e Matter You, ey? You are ‘e matter, that which occupies space and possesses rest mass. what is matter – Bing One More Minute, please. “E equals mc squared may be the most famous equation in the world, but what you might not know is that it isn’t the whole story. It just describesContinue reading “From the Couch: A Different Kind of Travel”

The Two Nancys Tour of Western National Parks

Last month, I decided to visit and take amateur photographs of National Parks. This May, after talking with a girlfriend (another Nancy), a decision was made to visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. So the two Nancys headed west, May 2021. As we visited each park, we started to wonder about their geology andContinue reading “The Two Nancys Tour of Western National Parks”