Tampa Bay Collard Greens Festival

The necessity of cooking collard greens on a Saturday night was precipitated by a visit to the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival. We saw people walking with large green bags and found our way to the Publix stand with stacks of boxes of super fresh greens. We were surprised to be gifted with two large bunches each and a bag to carry them.

It was a beautiful day in St. Petersburg FL and 22nd St. S was an exciting block party filled with food and craft vendors, local farmers and youth organizations. Check out the youth farm at www. Stpeteyouthfarm.org.

We admired the purple cauliflower displayed by the 15th St. Farm, located on a half acre near Tropicana Field. They offer hands-on organic gardening classes. Contact Emmanuel Roux at eroux@UrbanFoodPark.net for upcoming events. I’m looking forward to the completion of their event barn and farm-to-table dinners.

Last but not least, we met a representative of the Woodson African American Museum who invited us to attend the Woodson Warrior Scholarships Gala on March 27 at the St. Petersburg Coliseum. The special guest speaker will be Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize winning creator of the 1619 project and a staff writer at the New York Times magazine. Learn more about how to donate to African-American scholars at Woodsonscholarships.com

One of the 2021 scholars Charnecia Cummings

P.S. We were happy to see the League of Women Voters registering new voters. For more information, go to lwvfl.org

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