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“I am the pain in your head, the knot in your stomach, the unspoken grief in your smile.
I am your high blood sugar, your elevated blood pressure, your fear of challenge, your lack of trust.
I am your hot flashes, your cold hands and feet, your agitation and your fatigue.
I am your shortness of breath, your fragile low back, the cramp in your neck, the despair in your sigh.
I am the pressure on your heart, the pain down your arm, your bloated abdomen, your constant hunger.
I am where you hurt, the fear that persists, your sadness of dreams unfulfilled.
I am your symptoms, the causes of your concern, the signs of imbalance, your condition of dis-ease.
You tend to disown me, suppress me, ignore me, inflate me, coddle me, condemn me.
I am not coming forth for myself as I am not separate from all that is you.
I come to garner your attention, to enjoin your embrace so I can reveal my secrets.
I have only your best interests at heart as I seek health and wholeness by simply announcing myself.
You usually want me to go away immediately, to disappear, to sleek back into obscurity.
You mostly are irritated or frightened and many times shocked by my arrival.
From this stance you medicate in order to eradicate me.
Ignoring me, not exploring me, is your preferred response.
More times than not I am only the most recent notes of a long symphony, the most evident branches of roots that have been challenged for seasons.
So I implore you, I am a messenger with good news, as disturbing as I can be at times.
I am wanting to guide you back to those tender places in yourself,
the place where you can hold yourself with compassion and honesty.
If you look beyond my appearance you may find that I am a voice from your soul.
Calling to you from places deep within that seek your conscious alignment.
I may ask you to alter your diet, get more sleep, exercise regularly, breathe more consciously.
I might encourage you to see a vaster reality and worry less about the day to day fluctuations of life.
I may ask you to explore the bonds and the wounds of your relationships.
I may remind you to be more generous and expansive or to attend to protecting your heart from insult.
I might have you laugh more, spend more time in nature, eat when you are hungry and less when pained or bored, spend time every day, if only for a few minutes, being still.
Wherever I lead you, my hope is that you will realize that success will not be measured by my eradication, but by the shift in the internal landscape from which I emerge.
I am your friend, not your enemy. I have no desire to bring pain and suffering into your life.
I am simply tugging at your sleeve, too long immune to gentle nudges.
I desire for you to allow me to speak to you in a way that enlivens your higher instincts for self-care.
My charge is to energize you to listen to me with the sensitive ear and heart
of a mother attending to her precious baby.
You are a being so vast, so complex, with amazing capacities for self-regulation and healing.
Let me be one of the harbingers that lead you to the mysterious core of your being
where insight and wisdom are naturally available when called upon with a sincere heart.”

Author unknown

Strip and Shake- Breakfast on the run

Another busy day. To make sure I get my (you guessed it) protein and fat, I beefed up my soy protein shake with frozen strawberries, pecans, and coconut cream. Sprouts brand coconut cream is super creamy. Prepackaged supplements get me out the door on time!

Check out Meology at

What’s for dinner-Fried Rice

Remember the chicken tenders and brown rice from the other day, it’s time to rethink another leftover dish. Fried rice is the obvious solution. My Chinese “mother “, a woman I worked with years ago, taught me this technique. First you heat some good quality oil in a wok type skillet. We used to use peanut oil, but have switched to avocado oil to make sure no one goes into anaphylactic arrest. Beat 2 or 3 large eggs and pour into hot oil; it should start to puff up immediately. Quickly add your leftover cooked rice and mash with a spatula until rice is coated with egg and begins to brown. You can add any leftover meat or vegetables. I chopped some raw carrot and parboiled with some mixed frozen veggies. I sliced the two cooked chicken filets and seasoned with dark miso paste and fresh ground pepper. Toss everything until warmed through and you have another quick, easy supper.

Grilled Tuna Steak-Day 2

My children will tell you that they ate a lot of tuna casserole. Those were the days that one fed a family of four on a 3 oz. can of tuna fish. I used a can of mushroom soup and usually baked it with crumbled potato chips on top.

My tastes have changed a bit since then. For my updated tuna casserole I sautéed some chopped onion and celery with a clove of garlic. I made a roux with butter and cornstarch and gradually added in organic vegetable broth. I broke up one of the leftover tuna steaks, about 3 oz., and added to the sauce. I added about 2 TB dark miso paste and some Worcestershire sauce. I had parboiled some rice noodles and mixed them into the sauce. Some fresh ground pepper brightened the savory flavors. I topped with some peas and a handful of micro greens. Pretty tasty, next time I’ll make sure I have some fresh mushrooms on hand. To complete my comfort food meal, I scooped up some Terra chips, Sweets and Beets.


So much has been said for so long, there is no shortage of information, knowledge and advice about the fact that we are energetic beings, and yet so many of us are still not fully aware of how powerful we are and how powerful the energy that we calibrate out truly is.

I speak and counsel quite a bit about the power of Intention. In fact, I am constantly recommending the book The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer because of it’s simplicity and yet powerful teaching on this very important subject. There are countless books and articles of this power we call Intention. It’s magnificence is disguised in so many other labels like The Law of Attraction, the Secret etc. Many of you have heard that “where the attention goes the power flows.” Nothing is new out there except the opportunities to learn, awaken and sharpen our own skills to use this energy to work for us rather than against us.

Call it whatever you desire, but your higher self is waiting on you to tap into the energy. Call it God, Buddha, Krishna, a chair, it doesn’t matter. It’s all energy that we are already sending out to the Universe. Are you calibrating out energy that manifests what you truly desire? Or are you stuck in a swirl of low and negative energy making your life more difficult and frustrating. My friends, GOD is a frequency and we simply need to tune our receiver to this frequency.


Tax prep for seniors

For the past few years my mother has been going to her local library for free tax preparation but this service has become another casualty of the Covid-19 epidemic.

She set me the task of finding an alternative and I am pleased to announce that the Gulfport FL Senior Center is offering tax prep by appointment starting February 15. When my mother called 727 851-6591 to make an appointment she was disappointed to reach a recorded message with instructions to leave name and phone number. Will keep you posted if they call her back.

For seniors with computer skills, I recommend TurboTax. It took me about an hour and a fee of $40 to secure my Early bird spot in the refund queue; the IRS starts processing refunds on February 12!

Apps: Camping , RV Camp Sites, Hiking….

Enjoy the outdoors? Looking for campsites or maybe just nearby options for a walk?

Check out “AllTrails” for nearby walking, biking, running, backpacking … trails. “AllTrails” will provide pictures, maps, whether you can take your dog and lots of other useful information. We were excited to find 362 trails near us when we browsed by the activity “birdwatching ” and 75 trails for bicycling.

For an overview area map of where to find campsites, water, coin operated laundry … check out “iOverlander”.

Have an RV, check out “RV Life” and “Harvest Host.”

Window Garden

Tomato plant sprouted from seeds of a store bought tomato

Appreciating the inherent life which is within seeds, what am I to do when I cut open a tomato for lunch finding seeds starting to sprout? Of course the seeds must be planted even though I have no access to outdoor soil.

I planted the tomato seeds the week before the new year, placing them on the window sill along with some additional planted packaged herb seeds. All sprouted by New Year’s day expressing this was going to be a great year of joyful growth.

Purple Basil – sprouted Jan. 1

Certain plants can have toxic effects on one another (stunting growth, inhibiting fruit…) when grown together. Since a tomato plant can not sit on a window sill forever, it will be necessary to find a way in a small condo apartment to make a pretty, yet still practical, indoor plant arrangement. What do you think—is basil my answer? Should I include chives as well?