On the way to Mt. Dora…

Road trip! A short one, but full of promise. Mt. Dora is one of Florida’s hidden gems so we’re off for a ride in the country. It’a about two hours away from St. Petersburg but of course it took us longer. Our first stop along the way was a tantalizing produce stand in Okahumpka, preceded by hand painted signs , Strawberries, Tangeloes, Mangoes. So we bought strawberries, tangeloes and mangoes after the lovely Kristin offered us a sample of each.

We were almost there when we saw a pretty building with a sign, German Bakery. We decided it was necessary to take a bathroom break and maybe get a little snack. We left with spinach and broccoli quiche, apple strudel and a chocolate almond pastry.

Because we dawdled on the way, we were 5 minutes late for our golf cart tour of historic downtown Mt. Dora. We called and our charming new friend John met us on a corner and helped us find a place to park on the crowded narrow streets. One of the nice things about Mt. Dora is they don’t have parking meters. We were glad to see that the Van Gogh house was still starry starry, she persevered and won!

Our tour guide John was very knowledgeable and gave us the lay of the land so we could find our way back to the area off Tremain St. where we could walk along the lake at sunset. On the way we stopped at Tony’s Chowder House on Donnelly St. (also recommended by John). Our waiter treated us like guests in her home and guided us through the menu when we had trouble choosing from so many delicacies. We settled on their specialties: creamy clam chowder, spicy crab cake and juicy lobster salad with fresh Cole slaw.

Here are some pretty shots taken from our final destination of the day, Granthum Point Park.

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