Mt Dora Art Studio

Pj Svejda & German Lemus
Studio Art Farm.
” Bringing People Together Through Art”

Deciding to delay leaving town to avoid heavy rain on our journey home, we decided to explore town on foot. And as one does, when exploring, we ran across delightful people.

PJ & Lemus are an exuberant young couple with an art studio “Studio Art Farm” located at 120 East 4th Ave Mount Dora, FL. They touched our hearts with their mission – see below. Check them out on Instagram and if you want to take a class go to their web page

Looking at some of PJs students work.

Studio Art Farm’s Mission

“The dream is to build a community of artists who are eager to learn and live in a peaceful planet. My goal as an artist is to tell stories and raise awareness. I challenge humanity and urge compassion, respect, and coexisting for all with the understanding that that mentality begins with happiness of the self. As a teacher, my goal is to help people not only achieve their fundamental and technical goals but to facilitate a healthy state of mind where you have the tools to express your subconscious voice and do so through the journey of creating.

Art is the voice of the subconscious.”

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