Sunday pleasures and treasures

Fortified with Dave’s raisin bread French toast, vegan sausage, fresh Florida strawberries and an orange juice banana protein shake, we headed south to Sarasota for a lazy afternoon at Cafe in the Park. We made the same trek this time last year to listen to one of our favorite local bands, Passerine. It’s the first time they’ve played in public since then and they sound better than ever.

We got rhythm

Passerine lead vocalist and guitar player Carmela Pedicini describes their style of music as Americana, a unique blend of bluegrass, country, folk, rock and roll and blues. Sara Moone brings the classic Bill Monroe tunes to life with her fiddle and vocals. David Brain plays a dobro, a resonator slide guitar and Doug Conroy is on the upright bass.

See their website: http://Passerine By the way, if you’re curious about the name, Passerine is an order of birds that includes over 140 families of songbirds.

A snippet from Passerine live in the park

As we crossed the Skyway coming home, We diverted to the Pinellas Bayway to catch the sunset at Pass aGrille.

Pelican diner

Picked up a few shells at the southern tip of Passagrille. Had to return my favorite, a perfect little lightning whelk because a hermit crab was squatting in it.

Shelling down by the jetty

After indulging at Cafe in the Park with a delicious pressed Cuban and chicken salad on a croissant (more bread!), a crunchy salad for supper was the perfect antidote.


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