African American Heritage Celebration Feb 26, 2022

When we woke at 6 this morning to get ready for our volunteer assignment at a Habitat for Humanity site, we didn’t know that we would end up with a different assignment. We arrived with our lunches and snacks in our work clothes and closed toed shoes to learn that our tasks had to beContinue reading “African American Heritage Celebration Feb 26, 2022”

Final chapter of the Collard Greens saga: Caldo Gallego

When I posted my abundance of collard greens, a friend suggested I make Caldo Gallego, a hearty Cuban soup. We had already invited the after church lunch bunch for black beans and rice with collards so I made a quick run to the grocery Sunday morning for Chorizo sausage. I checked a recipe online forContinue reading “Final chapter of the Collard Greens saga: Caldo Gallego”

Tampa Bay Collard Greens Festival

The necessity of cooking collard greens on a Saturday night was precipitated by a visit to the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival. We saw people walking with large green bags and found our way to the Publix stand with stacks of boxes of super fresh greens. We were surprised to be gifted with two largeContinue reading “Tampa Bay Collard Greens Festival”

How to cook collard greens Brazilian style

I didn’t care much for collard greens until my friend Marilia showed me how she cooks them. First you must wash them thoroughly and dry each leaf. Then you cut out the stem to about halfway up the leaf. Stack the leaves and roll from the bottom into a tight bundle. Slice into ribbons. ToContinue reading “How to cook collard greens Brazilian style”

Triumph over cravings

Today we attended another inspiring workshop led by Rev. Linda McLeod at Unity Temple of Truth. After a discussion to determine our true values and purpose, we created vision boards to reflect those aspirations. We considered stopping for pizza afterwards, but decided we had lots of fresh vegetables that deserved our attention. It would beContinue reading “Triumph over cravings”

Build your immune system

What is our best defense against highly contagious viruses?   Most people agree that being vaccinated is a responsible action.  We can also wear masks, stay away from crowds and wash our hands frequently.  All of these actions are recommended by health authorities.  I think these actions are good and I recommend them, but what areContinue reading “Build your immune system”

Little Guatemala in Western Carolina

The culmination of a relaxing vacation was a stop in Morganton NC to see old friends with an exciting new venture. Erica and Christian Ramazzini renovated a building at 810 East Union Street into a charming cafe serving freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee, pastries and Guatemalan street food like tostadas. You can also purchase traditional craftContinue reading “Little Guatemala in Western Carolina”