January cleanse

How many of you have done a cleanse? To start the new year off right, my partner and I did a 5 day program incorporating herbs and probiotics with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Nancy’s fancy arugula, corn and blueberry salad

The object of a cleanse is not to lose weight, although Nancy lost 5 lbs., but to give your digestive system a rest and refresh. I found that my holiday bloated belly is remarkably flatter. We both felt well with a few side effects, we both had a headache the second day, probably coffee withdrawal. I felt some activity in my lymph nodes that subsided by the fourth day..

Typical breakfast: Dragon fruit, orange, banana apple and raspberry
Nancy’s Five Fruit breakfast
Mid morning snack

One of the pleasures of this program is you get to eat every two hours and we enjoyed so many colorful fruits and vegetables. You’re meant to eat them all raw, but I made one meal of very lightly sauteed zucchini noodles with raw tomatoes and basil. My favorite salad was kale, apple and carrot in a lemon olive oil dressing with sesame seeds. I blended a small avocado in the dressing for extra fat. Remember, the goal was not to lose weight and I added fat wherever possible. I sometimes added blue cheese dressing, which has the added benefit of being probiotic.

Kale, apple, carrot salad topped with blueberries
A hot meal: sautéed zucchini noodles with fresh tomatoes and basil

We found that our salads and snacks were easily portable when we were going to be away from home for most of the day.

Lunch on the go, picnic in the park

It’s really important to drink a lot of water, at least as many ounces as half your weight in pounds. So 140 pounds translates to 70 ounces of water. We drank Golden Milk for our morning beverage and it was such a treat I may not go back to coffee. Golden Milk powder is a blend from Spice Walla, a gift from my daughter in Asheville.

So tomorrow we add back in protein, but we plan to exclude meat and dairy for a while. We’ll get our protein from protein powder (soy and plant based), nuts, beans and eggs. I’m looking forward to continuing the good habits we’ve established with our New Year cleanse.

For more information on ways to improve your health, check out my website: https:/pws.Shaklee.com/Deidre-lines

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