Triumph over cravings

Today we attended another inspiring workshop led by Rev. Linda McLeod at Unity Temple of Truth. After a discussion to determine our true values and purpose, we created vision boards to reflect those aspirations.

A little dessert to celebrate our vision boards
Vision Board workshop at Unity Temple of Truth

We considered stopping for pizza afterwards, but decided we had lots of fresh vegetables that deserved our attention. It would be criminal to waste such lovely Swiss chard. I put a tray of cauliflower, onions, peppers and sweet potatoes in to roast while Nancy prepared the chard, mushrooms, and green beans with fresh tarragon.

Roll your chard and chiffonade for a quick saute

Did you know that tarragon has a number of medicinal benefits in addition to it’s culinary uses? Two examples are it helps to keep bacteria in check and it can reduce blood sugar and inflammation.

Fresh tarragon adds flavor and improves digestion
7 vegetable supper with garlic and tarragon

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