Daughter of a daughter
     of daughters all the way back
          to mitochondrial Eve
Beyond that, back to Shakti --
     actualized, energized into mass and motion
          the big bang your first mother
Formed from space and time
     an abyssal pin-point
          through the void and darkness
Unending, emergent
     bounding light-streams beaming
          particulate and bright
You are … what your Father
     didn’t tell you
          about the holy trinity
Inexplicable Ghost
     above the pedestal
          maiden, mother, wise one … 
All your lives fierce and strong
     braided, scrubbed and biding,
          making sense, soup, and bread 
Within so as without, elemental
     the round of the world
          the square of the hypotenuse
The multiplier
     your tender, burdened hand un-stopped
          transmuted by beauty and pain, 

Her-story buried in successes –
     the figure in the prow,
          the cargo stowed in hold;
In brilliance, discovery, and necessity
     and the bias of all utterances
          whole, fundamental and geometric

Published by Kow Tao

Observer and Poet inter alia

2 thoughts on “Triune

  1. Had to ponder awhile. Very good. We will have to discuss the undertone meaning. Trying to figure a picture that would match. Maybe something stormy (sky or sea?) with a light shinning through 🙂


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