Handed down
Down from the bench
Down to the chattel
Down to the Property of the State

Your intimate struggle
Your choice
Between conscience and necessity

Your personal trial
deemed public crime
if you do not deliver
Property to the state


Autonomy yet barred
Are you the court’s jurisdiction
And not your own
In the home of the free and the brave?

down your throat
one more obligatory surrender
swallow just as you were taught
servant to the patriarch still

so ignorant 
of the soul’s life and death
killing in one name
pretending to preserve in another

they make you fodder for all such pipelines
flowing with enterprises beyond your reach
from birth to grave controlled
tricked to powerlessness

thus sovereignty perverted
eluded again
exerted by the great perpetrator
upon the greater will, exacting price

how long to be forgotten and shamed
for being both creator and destroyer
beyond profit and judgement
seeded with ill-gotten rot?

Published by Kow Tao

Observer and Poet inter alia

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