Wellness Wednesday at Unity Temple of Truth

Introduction by board member Celeste Davis

Imagination leads to intuition. It can also lead you to a challenge for which you hadn’t planned to volunteer.

As I was sitting in the sanctuary last Wednesday, I started musing about a meditation based on harmony with nature. So here I am leading a meditation with some wonderful music I found on Spotify. If you search for Harmony with Nature, you’ll probably find some of the same selections, but I’d like to acknowledge them.

I recommend Going to the Sun by Grant Geissman and Tim Heintz and Tennessee, also by Geissman and Heintz with Charlie Bisharat. We then listened to Sacred Forest by the Robbins Island Music Group. We then enjoyed Endless Canyons by Geissman and Heintz with the addition of Jim Walker. This was followed by Braes of County Kerry from the album Celtic Mist. We closed our meditation with two selections from To Honor a Queen by Hawaiian artist Ozzie Kotani.

Please join us for Wellness Wednesday at 6.30pm each week at Unity Temple of Truth at 511 Prescott St. in St. Petersburg FL 33712

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