Friday night at the Blue Rooster

We had a front row seat to hear Ariella at the Blue Rooster and I mean right up front next to the extra mics and equipment cases.

We could almost reach out and touch the fabulous Ariella McManus, who was so kind to sing my favorite song, McGinn, in honor of my favorite Irish lass who has a birthday this month.

If you missed it, they’ll be back on April 30!

The food at the Blue Rooster, on 4th St. in Sarasota, is modern Americana, with updated versions of fried chicken, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Their fried green tomatoes are exceptional. We couldn’t resist the pecan pie served with a little whipped cream.

The only issue with sitting so close to the stage are the dancers. It’s fun people watching, but you risk some of their antics landing in your lap.

Stomping at the Blue Rooster
Our Image Editor

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