For most Christians, Easter is a celebration of the ascension of a man named Jesus Christ. The interesting thing about this is that Christ is not the last name of the man named Jesus. Christ is in truth, a level of consciousness that this man Jesus ascended to. For those of you I have not yet offended, and are still reading, I hope you will follow me through here.

Easter, the Spring Equinox, is indeed a day of ascension, a culmination of a journey that happens every single year of our existence and in the existence of everything in nature. From birth, to living our lives, to death, and renewal. It is indeed a cycle of life to be celebrated.

I believe the man Jesus was born, lived, worked his ministry and walked his path to his personal ascension of the Christ consciousness, all the while preaching to anyone who would listen, that we too are capable of the same exact thing. For many of us it is much easier to ascribe that “responsibility” upon someone else and make ourselves unworthy or incapable of our own personal ascension.

There is no one group, no one religion that owns the franchise of ascension, of renewal. It is inherent in all things of nature, the very core of existence.

As a creation of God, of nature as whatever the God of your understanding is, what is the resurrection going to be for you? How will you make it experiential for YOU?

I believe the resurrection message is powerful, but not for the usual reasons. It is not rooted in the message of the cross, it is rooted in the demonstration by Jesus that death has no real power. While fundamental religion would have you focus on the shedding of blood, the sacrifice, the agony of crucifixion, or perhaps we can see a deeper message that the cross, is a crossing out of all our negative, limiting thoughts of lack and limitation. I submit that the cross represents a state of consciousness turned to the mortal mind. It is the thoughts of mortal mind that burden the body with its’ erroneous beliefs. All the stuff we do to ourselves every day. I believe metaphysically that the symbolism of the crucifixion is the crossing out of the consciousness of error. How can we claim we are one with God and then immediately call ourselves unworthy, and stupid, and being of sin? How can you exist in both realms?

It is the consciousness of lack and limitation that have become a fixed state of mind. The crucifixion is the surrender, the death of the whole personality in order to attain the Christ mind, and for that Christ mind to be fully expressed in us. Just as Jesus did, we must sacrifice our mortal mind. We dissolve the thought of the physical body so we may realize the spiritual body.

We have a choice to keep ourselves on the cross, in lack, limitation, agony, pain, sorrow, and shame. Or we can choose to take ourselves down from that cross and go into the darkness, into the silence, into the tomb. Metaphysically the tomb is an elevated state of consciousness. Like the bulb of a flower, planted deep into the darkness of the soil, quietly building energy, gathering life and strength to burst through the ground and reach for the light. We take our own place in the darkness, in our tomb of introspection and silence, to grow, to re-energize, to rebirth ourselves.

Whatever you celebrate at this time, whether it be Easter, the Spring Equinox, or the Easter Bunny, I wish for you peace, happiness and your own personal ascension.

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