Window Garden

Tomato plant sprouted from seeds of a store bought tomato

Appreciating the inherent life which is within seeds, what am I to do when I cut open a tomato for lunch finding seeds starting to sprout? Of course the seeds must be planted even though I have no access to outdoor soil.

I planted the tomato seeds the week before the new year, placing them on the window sill along with some additional planted packaged herb seeds. All sprouted by New Year’s day expressing this was going to be a great year of joyful growth.

Purple Basil – sprouted Jan. 1

Certain plants can have toxic effects on one another (stunting growth, inhibiting fruit…) when grown together. Since a tomato plant can not sit on a window sill forever, it will be necessary to find a way in a small condo apartment to make a pretty, yet still practical, indoor plant arrangement. What do you think—is basil my answer? Should I include chives as well?

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