A lazy Sunday afternoon in Paris

We just discovered a fun streaming channel with live hosts. The ones we’ve seen so far have been walking tours of interesting parts of Paris, a walk down the Seine toward the Eiffel tower and a walk around the Isle de Louis in the Seine. It was evening in Paris and a light snow was falling. Of note, the roadways along the Seine were flooded making it difficult for the residents of the houseboats to get home. Very few people were out because the curfew starts at 6:30pm; just a few people walking their dogs. I guess dogs are exempt.

The 16th and 17th century buildings were built so solidly that they seem largely unchanged and the guide describes them in detail and how they are used today. For example, the Louvre was the king’s palace and the residences on the Isle de Louis were for the noblemen to be close to the king. The light reflecting off on the water adds to the beauty, see screen shot below.

These livestream events are free, usually last about 30 minutes, and they ask that you tip the host a small amount. I recommend https://www.beamz.live/live_shows

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