The Full Moon Enters Amongst Nature’s Fireworks

March 18, 2022: Worm Moon- Last Moon of Winter; First Moon Signaling Return of Spring

It was a good night to view the Worm Moon. We load snacks and gear and head toward downtown St. Pete to await the rise of moon over Tampa Bay.

Looking out to Tampa Bay from the Flora Wylie Park Section of North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, FL

It’s a pleasant breezy evening. The sky on our side of the bay is clear, but clouds are forming along the horizon on the Tampa side. Fragmented strains of Reggae music are carried on their waves toward us from Rise up Florida festival at Vinoy Park. Explains why it was difficult to find a place to park. Bugs seem to be asleep. Birds are gathering their last nibble of the day. Kayakers and boaters are grabbing a few more minutes of daylight to enjoy the Bay. Crickets and nature’s night sounds start to come alive. The clouds across Tampa Bay take on a sunset glow. We nibble our snacks and await the rise of the full moon.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

In the distance, more clouds move in. The sky in the east where the moon is to appear, comes alive with sound, flashes, strikes.  We watch the firework beauty. Rain is too far away to be of concern. 

Kayakers grabbing a few more minutes.

We’re curious why the eastern clouds have a light upper edge, like a halo. Pretty. We stare at the light rim, as the clouds continue to explode with bursts of light.

Moon glow – the reason for the halo rim on the clouds

Then amongst the flashes —the moon rises in its full glory! Nature provided a grand entrance for the Worm Moon.   A moon that is the last full moon of winter and the first moon that says spring is returning. Google the name to see the association with it signaling the return of spring.

March 18, 2022: Moon rising over Tampa Bay among Nature’s fireworks

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