In the Field

Just imagine, of all the places to be in the universe…
In the Field

I died there; birthed there
Lived anew; bore anew …
I killed and was killed
Tried and failed and tried again
I won and I lost, was lost, yet learned my way,
Loved and was abandoned, loved and was full of joy …
I left and returned, was unforgiven and forgave.

Walked a mile without shoes
Ran nowhere
Wore out shoes
Chose shoes of various colors
Was chased, outcast, or was embraced
Glamoured under the mantle of one after another
And always seemed to recover each time with my own face.

Vast, in yellow wildflower, poppy in innocence, or swaying humble wheat
Between the Wood and the Vale
Stretched yet subtle like canvass
Inviting as a stage
Welcoming as familiar warm water vapor shapes everchanging high in a cool blue sky …
And real as any past present future potentiality
Where I reside with you in all things. 

Akashic Field

Published by Kow Tao

Observer and Poet inter alia

2 thoughts on “In the Field

  1. So you have been/are traveling in a field of everything, surrounded by and part of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: Wow what an adventure!!!

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