At the Temple of Truth

The Reverend Diane Scribner Clevenger on the left

I’ve found a quiet place to reset on Sunday morning. The Unity Temple of Truth at 511 Prescott St. S in St. Petersburg FL has a service at 10 am that is just what I was looking for. We start with a meditation and reading from the Daily Word, a devotional guide published by Unity. The hymnal has classic, easy to sing hymns along with the Lord’s Prayer. The closing hymn is always “Let there be Peace on Earth “. There are different speakers each week. Last week, the Reverend Linda McCleod assured us that not only were we loved, but we were necessary on the planet. This week, the Reverend Diane Scribner Clevenger focused on the power of understanding from the heart. I purchased her book, Pray Attention, a nice little portable workbook with sacred meditations and a downloadable audio track.

This community is small and welcoming while maintaining safety measures as we emerge from the Pandemic. My mother had not been attending in person church and I felt comfortable to bring her as well.

Both Rev. Diane and Rev. Linda have daily live meditations on Facebook. I recommend you check them out.

4 thoughts on “At the Temple of Truth

  1. I am so happy you have found a peaceful place. Unity has played a large part in my awakening. One of my greatest joys was to travel around different Unity churches and have the honor to speak. Enjoy the grace!

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  2. Really enjoyed visiting the week before last and meeting Rev Linda. This past week I opted for the virtual experience and really enjoyed Rev Diane.


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