Virgin Goods Cafe+

Virgin Goods, 2 East State Route 9, Virgin, Utah 84779 On the west side of Zion National Park on SR 9

Curiosity! I want to stop, but can’t. I am chasing a time clock of Zion’s 1.1 mile tunnel closing. And I want to catch a glimpse of Kolob Canyon.

Kolob Canyon National Park located on the North West side of Zion National Park. Kolob is a cooler, more forested area of Zion’s Park.

Having time to spend on the way out of Zion the next day, of course I had to stop at “Virgin Goods” in the desert in the middle of nowhere.

What to sample?? I regretted having had my morning travel meal of fruits, nuts and cheese. The toast sandwich of “Gooseberry Very Berry” looked delicious as a customer munched it down.

I chose a trail mix cookie & brownie for the road. I nibbled on part of the trail mix cookie composed of oatmeal, nuts, chocolate chips ….sitting at a table in the library section.

A book “Lucky From Virgin: An Unlikely Story” was displayed on the table. I thumbed through it to find it was an autobiography of a small town kid growing up in Virgin, a Mormon town, to become an Emmy award- winning correspondent/storyteller/producer in broadcast journalism.

To add to the warm-cozy flavor of the cafe-goods store, two books containing 8 novels by Lilian Jackson Braun were propped supported by the wall and table top. Braun was an American writer who wrote a light-hearted cozy feeling mystery series of “The Cat Who… “

I got up from the table to browse their used book store. Books ranged from old novels, semi-modern mysteries to medical, environmental soil health….. Good collection where something could be found to fill evening downtime after a day’s hike. But not if you are one that has to have the latest or a specific author.

I move on to the goods area, where people’s past treasures were up for sale as well as a small amount of tourist related items…. Virgin Goods is a two room store, so the area is compressed to provide a little of everything in this small spot on the map.

Before I leave I visit the bathroom, not knowing when my next possibility would present itself. Wow! A clean bathroom!

A cool breeze was blowing the curtains of the singular window opening to the outside. Brought to mind was a remembrance of a “peaceful aloneness” feeling stirred by “wind blowing curtain” paintings of the late 18th, early 19th century ( e.g. Andrew Wyeth).

Reflection time over. Time to move on to catch an airplane home.

If you are in the area around Zion and wish the flavor of a young eclectic natural health food nibble, stop by “Virgin Goods.” Their menu of possible toasts is only an ingredient list. They will make a nibble according to your desire with ingredients on hand. Since baked goods can dry out in Utah, to avoid disappointment , ask for their freshest baked goods.

It was well worth the stop. I recommend to all who appreciate those small, yet unique homey spots.

Along the way from Zion to Virgin. the landscape looks like volcano action generated these tailings . The area around Zion would be a geologist dream. I don’t know what the stone is. It is not coal, porous lava or obsidiam.

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