Saturday morning farmers market

Ready made herb gardens

St. Petersburg FL has, in addition to its natural beauty and tourist attractions, one of the best farmer’s markets in the southeast. The array of fresh organic vegetables and fruits are a feast for the eyes. Worden Farms from Punta Gorda had the most gorgeous red kale and fat bunches of red and green leaf lettuce. I picked up a few heirloom tomatoes on my way to our friend John’s booth, Florida Fresh Live Herbs, in search of a spearmint plant. When I said that I was looking to replace one that had died, he told me that spearmint is native to the Northeast, and it’s too hot for it to thrive here. He recommended the Yerba Buena from Cuba, known for the distinctive flavor in a Mojito.

John holding my new Yerba Buena

He also has very nice herb gardens housed in handmade pine boxes. Perfect for your window or patio.

Don’t miss the fabulous food vendors. My favorite is the Twisted Indian. This morning I had a mango lassi with a chicken tikka masala in a buttermilk naan wrap with added avocado, heaven in your hand.

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