The other 20%

We strive to keep our food intake at least 80% qualified for optimum health. Sometimes we crave a comfort food like the egg tarts below.

French and Hong Kong styles of egg tarts

I like the Hong Kong style, which are eggier and not too sweet. The French style has a thicker crust and lots more cream.

This was our adventure after lunch at Tasty Pho on 49th and Park Blvd. Their vegetable pho is my favorite.

Summer rolls at Tasty Pho

This shopping center has an enormous Oriental market, which has everything you could think of to want, fresh produce, frozen dumplings and buns, meat, fish, canned and jarred goods, dishes and cooking implements, and the reason for our foray into this exotic realm, a fantastic bakery.

Of course the kids in the candy shop couldn’t get to the register without an armful of goodies.

Kid in a candy shop

The jicama balanced precariously will be delicious in a slaw with mango, cilantro, lime juice and whatever slivered vegetables we want to add, probably carrot and red bell pepper.

Irresistible objects

We’ll find some use for the flowering chives, too pretty to resist. Don’t you love the cute little Indian eggplants?

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