What’s for dinner-Fried Rice

Remember the chicken tenders and brown rice from the other day, it’s time to rethink another leftover dish. Fried rice is the obvious solution. My Chinese “mother “, a woman I worked with years ago, taught me this technique. First you heat some good quality oil in a wok type skillet. We used to use peanut oil, but have switched to avocado oil to make sure no one goes into anaphylactic arrest. Beat 2 or 3 large eggs and pour into hot oil; it should start to puff up immediately. Quickly add your leftover cooked rice and mash with a spatula until rice is coated with egg and begins to brown. You can add any leftover meat or vegetables. I chopped some raw carrot and parboiled with some mixed frozen veggies. I sliced the two cooked chicken filets and seasoned with dark miso paste and fresh ground pepper. Toss everything until warmed through and you have another quick, easy supper.

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