So much has been said for so long, there is no shortage of information, knowledge and advice about the fact that we are energetic beings, and yet so many of us are still not fully aware of how powerful we are and how powerful the energy that we calibrate out truly is.

I speak and counsel quite a bit about the power of Intention. In fact, I am constantly recommending the book The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer because of it’s simplicity and yet powerful teaching on this very important subject. There are countless books and articles of this power we call Intention. It’s magnificence is disguised in so many other labels like The Law of Attraction, the Secret etc. Many of you have heard that “where the attention goes the power flows.” Nothing is new out there except the opportunities to learn, awaken and sharpen our own skills to use this energy to work for us rather than against us.

Call it whatever you desire, but your higher self is waiting on you to tap into the energy. Call it God, Buddha, Krishna, a chair, it doesn’t matter. It’s all energy that we are already sending out to the Universe. Are you calibrating out energy that manifests what you truly desire? Or are you stuck in a swirl of low and negative energy making your life more difficult and frustrating. My friends, GOD is a frequency and we simply need to tune our receiver to this frequency.



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