Does CBD cause vertigo?

It was a beautiful day for a stroll around downtown Gulfport. We stopped at our favorite coffee shop, Sumitra. We had a fond memory of a sunflower butter filled treat, a CBD laced vegan version of a Reese cup and cappuccino that we enjoyed the last time we visited. It was chilly then so we opted for one of the cozy spots inside where young couples huddled in cushioned corners. This time we snagged one of the umbrella tables on the sidewalk and reveled in the warm sun of a Florida winter. We ordered the French press coffee to share and an avocado cacao tart. It has a creamy texture and a nutty crunch, almost delicious if you chew it well. As we walked back on the uneven sidewalk toward where we parked in front of the Peninsula Hotel, Nancy felt a little dizzy. She tends to be a little off balance on a good day, so we didn’t think much of it. By bedtime, she had a full on case of vertigo. We reviewed the day and wondered if the CBD was a factor? Will be interested in your experience of CBD edibles, not to be confused with THC edibles; we leave those alone.

A beautiful day in Gulfport

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