Day at the Dali

I’ve been to the Dali a few times and I understand that it’s one of our special attractions here in St. Pete, but I’m really not a fan. I dutifully take visitors that have an interest and I thought I’d seen all that I cared to see. Today we took some friends from North Carolina to see the Van Gogh Alive exhibit at the Dali and it exceeded my expectations. It’s called “Alive” because they project the images of Van Gogh’s painting onto the walls of several viewing rooms in combination with music and enlightening quotes from the artist. This immersive experience was so pleasurable I overcame my usual attention deficit in museums and was enthralled. One quote from Van Gogh: “it is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and and gives you a deeper meaning”. That was my experience of the Van Gogh exhibit at the Dali.


We took a quick spin around the Dali side which confirmed my original view that I’d seen enough of Salvatore Dali to suit me.

Our friends took their time with Dali while we escaped to the garden. The labyrinth is closed, but we had a bit of fun with a sunflower arrangement in the shape of a Dali mustache.

Glad I took the day off to play and enjoy special friends. Oh, and must tell you what we ate. We had a fun lunch at The Tavern, I recommend the crunchy Grouper Sandwich.

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